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Welcome to the Artful Traveler! My name is Christy Danforth. Luxury Travel. Art. History. Learning. Exploring. These are all my passions which I want to share with you!  The world is a very big place full of wonderful and awe-inspiring cultures. There is nothing more exciting than experiencing a new place in a luxurious way.

As a travel and art lover, I realized that many people venture on trips and miss so much. Let's face it- traveling for fun is great but traveling with a little knowledge makes a trip even more memorable. I want to share my knowledge of art, history, places, and luxurious hotels with you. The Artful Traveler was born.


I'm so happy to have partnered up with Tzell Travel Group, one of the largest premier travel groups in the world. So, thinking of traveling, need some help making a plan and booking your trip, The Artful Traveler is for you!